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5th Sunday Jul 2022 Worship Service

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Black History Month, Lexington, NC 2022

Please enjoy the video that was shown during tonight’s council meeting. It highlights what the first banner series means to the pioneers chosen to be honored and their families.

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City of Lexington Proclamations

MLK Holiday Observance, 2022

National Day of Racial Healing, 2022

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2CFAR Ministry Initiative

January 2022: Initiative

One of the most segregated hours in Lexington (and most anywhere in the USA) is the Sunday morning service hour. 2CFAR is interested in exploring this segregation by making an effort to attend, watch and/or participate in a morning worship experience, on each of the 5th Sundays in the calendar year.

The challenge: Get outside of your comfort zone in religion on Sunday morning….actually you can watch a recorded service to meet this challenge.

Pick one. We think we’ll find out we’re not that different and the God is the God for all human beings.

Here’s a list of the churches available online:



If you would like for your church to be added, please use the Contact Form!

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Elder Gloria Cross

In memory of Elder Gloria Cross:

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Virtual Tour: Exploring Black History in Lexington

Visit this Facebok site: Davidson County, NC Historical Museum for a tour of Black History in Lexington, NC USA.

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Service of Commemoration

Mass gravesite of Slaves. Service of Commemoration, February 21st, 2021. View this link for details: The Dispatch Lexington, NC USA.



2CFAR Proclamation

“I prayed for freedom for twenty years, but received no answer until I prayed with my legs.” ― Frederick Douglass

Whereas, as a Faith based organization, Crucial Conversations on Faith and Race (2CFAR), we deplore racism against fellow human beings who are created in the image of God,

Whereas, the recent, senseless, inhuman killing of Mr. George Floyd by a member of the Law Enforcement Community in the state of Minnesota,

Whereas, racism is an irrational belief in the superiority of one’s ethnic or racial group causing the hatred of those of another group.

Whereas, racism is also present in more subtle and passive forms in social and institutional settings where systems of discrimination prevent the hiring and/or upward mobility of gifted and qualified individuals.

Now, therefore, be it resolved, 2CFAR will pray with our legs:
• to speak out against systemic racism, bigotry and oppression that have cultivated this level of police brutality in our society but on a local level,
• for the just treatment of black, brown and mixed people in our community,
• to work tirelessly to advocate for justice, equality and equity within our community,
• to teaching in our homes and in our social circles against racism and noting God’s desire for reconciliation between races,
• to work with local agencies of government to review and hold these agencies accountable to our community to the highest of standards and duties of care for all people.
• to celebrate the presence and participation of our brothers and sisters from all ethnic and racial backgrounds in our local churches, ministry affiliations, and partner organizations.